Random Signals and Systems Honor's Project

Over the Fall semester of 2016 at Auburn University, I had the opportunity of working on a couple of in-depth Matlab demos for real engineering applications in Electrical Engineering. I learned a couple of things from this.

1 Write code in a language you are familiar in and then translate to the language you are learning.

2 Talk with your professor.

3 Investigate what has the chance to surprise you.

So what did I write about. Well, I will let the papers speak for themselves on that. They are attached below along with a video for the distance experiment details and setup.

White Noise Study

Cryptographic Study

Channel Capacity Study

Github Link to Project: https://github.com/acminor/rnd_sig_sys_honors_project

Date: 2016-12-02 05:24:28.000000000 -06:00

Author: A.C. Minor